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Dictionary Urdu to English is user friendly online Urdu to English Dictionary providing free meaning of Urdu words in English along with popular Urdu words and their meaning in English. It also has the facility to search words using urdu keyboard for those users who don't know urdu typing. They can easily find Urdu alphabet on the visual Urdu keyboard and write desired Urdu word for English meaning. If a searched Urdu word is not found in the database then it is noted down and its meaning is written within 24 working hours under the heading of "words added on users requests". Dictionary Urdu to English also shows random Urdu words and their meaning in English to improve the vocabulary of users specially students of Urdu and English languages. If you have any kind of suggestion or need help then please contact us by following the link Contact Us. Your comments and suggestions will really help us to improve Dictionary Urdu to English and make it best Urdu to English Dictionary.

Urdu to English Dictionary Translation Online

Words Added on Users Requests
بےوفائ   , بیل   , میں بہت خوش ہوں   , سلطان   , گٹھا   , ايماندار   , جلسہ   , ترجیع دینا   , ٹنڈا   , اطلاعی   , معدہ کی سوزش   , گل داؤدی   , گمسم   , گںبد   , خائن   , احکامات   , رکعت   , تزکیہ نفس   , نبوی   , اجتماعیت   , آزاربند   , پرمغز   , عیاں ہونا   , رسہ   , بیہوش   , عیاش   , عمل دخل   , جھوٹ   , تالف   , جھوٹے   ,
Popular Words
 احساس کرنا   ,  کھولتا   ,  نٹ   ,  بھج برابر   ,  نہ یہ نہ وہ   ,  لسدار   ,  اصیل گھوڑا   ,  روگ لگانا   ,  خاطر   ,  جرابیں   ,  ننگی ٹانگیں   ,  لاڈلا   ,  ایک کھیل   ,  عہد کا جانور   ,  مضبوطی سے پکڑنا   ,  سمجھا ہوا   ,  غلط خبر دینا   ,  بری بات   ,  خوش نویس   ,  ایمان   ,  آلہ سماعت نما   ,  مسرت بخش   ,  زندہ کرنا   ,  بھاپ سے حل بننا   ,  مریم کا پنجہ   ,
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